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kenzomic: muling pagkabuhay.

sinosikenzo?sya yung gwapo.

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July 11th, 2008



...the lonely nights, romantic moments, the love, the love, what about them? THROW IT ALL AWAY. ;p


June 22nd, 2008

Its probably the time where most of the students are busy preparing for their classes that just started, but in contrary, ours will just end this week. Yes, its our final week.

Its has been a cool term, my mortality rate is on its toll. im mutating into something invulnerable, which is what I like the most. Ive been stone hearted for several cases but I cant fight it when something within the family occurs.


Accept it that when your the eldest, all the responsibilities are in your shoulders. Your life would be clouded with the compromises that your parents had. Aside from it, the expectations will screw your will.

I am a victim of this, of expectations, and until now, I havent recovered yet, simply because I havent fulfilled the expectations yet.

off topic.

What I hate MOST???

I hate it when someone asks this:

1. When will you graduate?
>the hell you care? 

2. How are you?
>do you have any sensible qestions?

3. Do you love me?

4. ASL?

5. Where are you?
>im still here.



Classes tomorrow are suspended, thanks to FRANC.hahaha
I havent finished my reports.

doomed to succeed.

May 15th, 2008

when sickness strikes


I cant remember when was the last time I suffered from colds-fever-cough thingy. I thought my body was so immune with this thing, I was wrong(ofcourse)... /sniffs/

Its been four magical days since I landed on my bed with my nose filled with i-dont-know-whats-the-term and my thoat is on its way out. My temperature is as high as the highest mountain in the Philippines, and oh, my appeal stays the same(oozing)... I've swallowed capsules and tablets of medicines but still, im sick!


Im afraid of the hospital, I dont wana smell even a single scent of a clinic. It gives me chill, I might die there.
Im not into quack doctors, Im not a duck though.

I want my whitelighter... doing the orb thing and just putting his hands over me to remove whatever pain I have.
Is there a way to have that whitelighter? ;p


I was absent for two consecutive meetings. I wanted to go to school, BUT, my body wont allow me.
Quizzes, Recitations, Attendance, fluctuated.
Will my will to be a deans lister still possible?
Hope so!


An open letter to someone I dont know yet,

     Hey you! I know that you're out there, doing whatever things you ought to be doing. Im wondering how you look like. Im dreaming of your eyes shining towards mine, your smile makes me weak. Your intellect jives mine and thats the reason why I keep on haunting you. I am still waiting for the day when our paths would cross, and I hope that when that day comes, everything has already fell into places. 
     I hope that you'll always be fine. See you soon!

From the one who will love you selflessly,




May 8th, 2008

sensible post

I have been preoccupied with school stuff, my sched is taking its toll on me.
Im waking up early just to be in school on time. ;p

Good thing is im stress-free(somehow) compared to my friends, who in the other hand are way not busy compared to me.

TAMBALANG BALASUBAS AT BALAHURA has been my substitute for stresstabs.
Its one of my daily dose that shouldnt be forgotten.
Grabe the humor pare! ;p

What im up to now:

... ive been listening to different types of music, im so into zoo now. heard of them?malamang hindi. ;p
still, stonefree is in my cup of coffee...

...CHARMED. hehehe im back to being a charmed one!

..Its my priority, top of my list.

...nakadikit na ata ang cellphone sa daliri ko. more textmates, morefun!

...as I learned to forget my feelings to someone, I also developed forgetting how to love...

April 22nd, 2008

Of Singlehood and freedom


Of Singlehood and freedom

I can do what I want without asking permission
I can stay up late and watch movies
I can go out and party
I can drink and drop
I can flirt and flirt and flirt

I am free. ;p

Freedom always hide on the midst of black clouds
Devastated on the clinged thoughts that life is a misery
Life is never a chance, its always a choice.

Now I can do whatever I want without anything or anyone
being left out. The best thing to give myself is this, freedom.

Im now enjoying life as it is to be. Nevertheless, I sometimes missed being caged. ;p But thinking aside, I really hold unto this situation.

I am not bitter, I am not. In fact, Im happy hearing that the person who hurted me has moved on. I am very much relieved.

I am not closing my doors to being "caged" again but as of now, I really would like to enjoy my life, as a single, independent, intelligent person.

Days, Weeks, and now, a month passed.
Stronger than before,
Happier than ever.

Apir kay kenzo! ;p 


April 10th, 2008



After almost 8 months

Its not a joke, yes, my relationship
was really something to treasure.

It has been too long since I tried relieving myself.
It has been so yesterday since I spoke about how I feel.
It has been memories since I loved you.

Every single second that I spent with you will now be
treasured on my memories. I will never forget it.
Sorry for my shortcommings, Thank you for everything.


Its back to ME again, madrama, I miss hiss feeling.
Namimis ko yung ganitong feeling, promise.
Feeling lonely cause theres no one to bug,
no one to make asar and no one to make away.
And I'm loving what Im feeling. WEIRD.



pasukan na sa monday.

> sana maayos ang mga kaklase ko, nakalimutan ko na
kung pano maging estudjante.

pending works

> I applied for several companies pero hindi ko alam
if I'll pursue, gusto kong magkapera pero hindi ko
alam kung swak sa sked ko.

bulok na laptop

> sobrang bulok na nitong laptop ko, pero kaya pang
pagtyagaan. gustuhin ko mang bumili eh wala akong pera.

scarsity sa damit

> hindi ko alam san napadpad ang mga damit ko, para silang ewan na biglang naglaho. wala tuloy akong maisuot.

text to the max

> nag aadik nanaman ako sa pagpindot sa aking lumang telepono, nalulungkot kasi ako pag walang magawa. hindi ko maintindihan. ang labo ko talaga.

home alone

> aalis na ang nanay ko at kapatid ko, magbabakasyon ang iba kong kapatid. ako nalang ata matitira sa bahay namin. cool kasi mag isa.hahaha

goodbye dorm

> lumayas na din ako sa dorm dahil wala nakong pambayad

date madness

> tumatanggap na ng mga available dates, wala namang masama. just mingling.

tv/dvd marathon

> yan na nagin past time ko nitong summer vacation


> would like to go to the gym sana kaso hindi ko alam kung saan ko isisingit sa sked ko.

back to blogging

> i just missed typing ang posting.

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April 5th, 2008

theme song ko. ;p

Here i am alone in this empty room
And let my mind just fly you to the end
Thoughts of you still linger in my memory
Wondering why my life is not that fair
I could still recall
Those memories of you
The joy and all your laughter
The love thast we've been through
Oh, i can't believe you're gone
Oh, no

Talkin' to myself for no reasons i could find
Findin' out why everything went wrong
Tears falling down my cheeks that
I've been trying to hold
It doesn't know if i could still go on
I wanted you to stay
The tears begin to show
You said you cared for me
But then you had to go
And now i know you're gone

But i don't want to remember
The things (we used to do/that we've been
And all the things that remind me of you
I don't want to hear the songs
The songs we used to sing
'coz i don't wanna feel the pain in my heart

I just can't believe you're gone

No, no...
I don't wanna feel
Yeah, i don't wanna feel the pain in my heart
I don't wanna feel, don't know what went wrong

March 14th, 2008

kaek ekan!


BASTUSAN SURVEY: How will you seriously
answer someone in the following
situations given?

^^What if someone (STRANGER) insults
or tells you this...

01. ang arte mo!
♥ ampmh pake mo?

02. mas matalino naman ako sayo!
♥ kelan pa?

03. crush ako ng crush mo!
♥ hoonada ako   ng bf mo

04. ang bobo mo pala sa math!
♥ thats a lie!

05. bilisan mo naman!
♥ excittted ka?

06. ang sungit mo!
♥ i don't talk to strangers kc.

07. gusto mo ng away?
♥ ayaaw mo?

08. takot ka ata sakin eh?
♥ muka kang monster e

09 . mas mahal niya ko!
♥ sabbbi mo e

10 . ang bababa naman ng mga grades mo!
♥ e ano pa ano sau?

^^What if sinabi ito sa'yo ng CRUSH mo?
(WARNING: bear in mind na biru lang mga
'to ah!)

01. crush kita.
♥ alam ko

02. hindi kita mahal
♥ tinatanong kko?

03. mahal na kita.
♥ pila ka muna

04 . pakopya naman ng assignment.
♥ cheater

05. crush ko un friend mo.
♥ crush ko din un

06. pwedeng patabi sa upuan?
♥ kandong ka

07. pwede mo ba akong isayaw?
♥ marunong kaba

08. feeling ko may gusto ka sakin.
♥ fffeeling

09. ang cute mong mag-smile.
♥ madami na nagsabi nyan

10. bakit ang bait mo sakin?
♥ ha

^^Eh kapag parents mo nagsabi sa'yo

01 . umuwi ka ng maaga.
♥ oon the way na

02 . magaling ka palang sumayaw.
♥ mana sau

03 . hindi ka na pwedeng pumasok sa
♥ yehey

04. bawal ka pang mag-
♥ ok

^^Eh kapag teacher mo nagsabi sa'yo

01 . kailangan kong makausap ang
magulang mo.
♥ hindi po un nakikipag usap kung kanikanino

02 .ang makita kong mangopya mamatay
♥ *namatay* hehe.

03. bkt ka ba laging bagsak?
♥ mana ako sau

04. see me after class!
♥ hehehe

05. im sorry, you'll be given a 5 in
you're class card.
♥ thanks

06. uno ka!
♥ i know

07. please come to class on time.
♥ as always! haha.

08. please read pages 70-150. We'll be
having a quiz about it tomorrow.
♥ sir, anong page? *ahaha. tanga*

09. why are you always absent?!
♥ why not diba heHe.

10. babagsak ka na.
♥ maam, project?



March 8th, 2008

Kamusta naman???


Ang tagal din ng huli kong post.
Sobrang tagal. 
Andami ng nangyare...

1. Nawalan nako ng work.
>>> Nagwork din ako for 5 months sa sykes. Maloko lang tlga ako kaya eto, nagtatanin ng kamote.

2 Nagkipag break sa asawa at nagkabalikan din afterwards.
>>> Baka kami talaga yung meant kaya ganun.hehehe

3. Umalis na sa syudad at bumalik sa nayon.
>>> Mas makakatipid kasi ako kug uwi na muna ako sa mansyon namin dito sa Kabite, tipid sa tubig kuryente at upa sa bahay. ;p

4. Nawalan ng salapi, kayaman, ari arian.
>>> Oo nawalan ako, naholdap, namatud, at kung ano pang tawag don, pero aos lang, hindi parin naman nauubos ang kayamanan ko. ;p

5. Magkakaron ng bagong trabaho...
>>> Nag apply ako sa ibat ibang kompanya at dahil napaka husay ko ay pumasa ako sa lahat, dahil maloko ay pumirma ako sa lahat ng offer pero anong pecha na e ndi padin ako nagpaparamdam sakanila.hehehe sa Lunes e mag start nako ng training sa eTelecare sa Alabang, ilang tamblinglang mula sa bahay namin. Sana makaipon nako this time.

6. Nagplanong bumalik ng eskwelahan.
>>> Kinausap ako ng tatay ko at ewan kung ano ng plano naming dalawa, gusto kong pagsabayin ang pag aaral at pagtratrabaho para mapagod ako.hahaha

7. Madami pang iba! ;p
Sa sobrang tagal eh nakalimutan ko na ang mga pagbabagong ito. ;p

Usapang sekswal... rated 18

1. Gusto kong iexplore ang makamundong sekswel.
2. threesome
3. orgy
4. kahit ano
5. pero dapat pumasa sa requirements yung makakasama ko.hahaha CHOOSY!

Kamusta naman yon diba?

O sha, matutulog muna ako. ^_^


December 24th, 2007

Id like to share to you how may old christmas seem to happen.

When I was a child, this is the happiest season of my life aside from my birthday.
This is the day where my complete family go out and enjoy the rest of the day having fun, eating in a restaurant, buying clothes that we want, going to church, simply one day of the year where we totally have time for each other.

It has been like 5 years when my father left for states(joke). Actually my father went abroad to work, and that was 6-7 years ago, there are times where in he would go back to celebrate Christmas with us but that was the early phase of his abroad life. I am already 20 and the last time I remembered having Christmas with him was when I was in High School. Actually it was more of when I was in Elementary because during Highschool days, I seldom go out and enjoy. The rest are memories.

Its nine o'clock,24th of November, Im at work, my brother is celebrating his Christmas in the province, my father is overseas. At home, my mother, two little sisters and my youngest brother, as well as our yaya would be the ones to celebrate family xmas. Id love to be with them but I have work. Its like it was just yesterday where I cook spaghetti, I play loud music and even invite friends to eat at home. Now, its gone.

Im not sad, im not that sentimental, its just that I cant believe things ran fastly than what I expect.

Merry Christmas! ;p

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